Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr Past

In few minutes time, we will be in 14th of July 2011 so before today ends, i wanna wish Mr Past a very happy birthday...i hope that he celebrate it with his loved ones and have a very good day....

This year had been my 5th year sending birthday wishes to him through the wind and i hope that this year is gonna be the last year i wish him on his birthday...

13 July had been in my mind since the month starts but i kept on saying STOP thinking brain!! when the date passed by but today the word STOP seems to fail me...i guess its okay, feeling emotional what makes me human and i wish that this gonna be the last time i feel like this....


Happy Birthday Mr Past.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New year means new m.e?

In a few days more we gonna be in 2011. Did you accomplished all your 2010 new year's resolution?

As for me, every year my New Year's resolution is to have a resolution but never had I accomplished that...T_____T Hopefully 2011 I will have at least one resolution to make me feel normal(?)

Giving a thought on what's my New Year resolution gonna be...

Monday, December 27, 2010


I don't know what's happening in my life cos currently it seems like everyone in my life is trying to find companion. I did had conversation with my friends about this "companion" thingy. Do we actually thinks that that person likes the idea of us being there with him/her or the person actually loves us no matter how "busuk" we are?

One of the dude told me once that this particular girl says that she starting to like him but being me, I had to pull him back from the cloud 9 not cos am jealous but is it really true that she likes him where her attitude didn't show that? Can that particular person like someone when she is still thinking about her past? Am sorry, I don't called it like that particular person but I call it COMPANION cos you THINK you like him/her but do u really LIKE him/her and does that person feels the same about u or he/she is doing the same thing as u are?

On the other note,

It is hard-breaking thing when everyone seems to treat me like I don't have feelings. Why everyone can actually tell me whom I can be friends with and whom I can't where as they can still be friends with the one that I do not want them to be with?

-Am I that invincible?-

Monday, November 8, 2010


After starting this new job, my life had been a hiatus!!! this new job offered me more tasks!!!! and I had became a boring person (again saying this cos I can feel me changing to boring person.T____T)

Since this new job requires me to wake up SUPER early in the morning so I could not hang out with the group till a.m!*see,here is one of the proof that I am becoming the boring person!) There is no more lies and hang out in IKEA eating meatballs with Mrs D while telling boss that the stuff that I wanted to buy is not in IKEA.* I am sure everyone of u did tell at least ONE WHITE LIE to your boss rite???Stop giving me the angelic look!!I know what u did!)

Another proof that I can tell u that I am becoming a boring person is when I hang out with my ex colleagues *which are in advertising line* I have nothing to say *knowing me, it is IMPOSSIBLE!* all I do when hanging out with them are listening and nodding. The rest of the time, figuring out what the hell are they talking about!*damn!I miss that line!!!T_____________T*

Now when its time to shop, before this I will go to skinny jeans section but now, I will straight go to formal wear section! I know its pathetic rite??? The only thing that satisfy my shopping trip is when I buy those crazy beautiful shoes!!*drool*

Every night I pray to God *I lied AGAIN!not every night la....* to save my once hip and happening soul from the EVIL BOREDOM cos if I am really changing to a boring person, my life will be doomed!*exaggerating mode*

I do not how long more I could whine about my new job but if there's one sweet day u can't read any post about how sucks my new job is, it is the time when I had been suck into the boring life...

dear friends,

s.a.v.e m.e p.l.e.a.s.e T______________T

Thursday, November 4, 2010

how i wish i can sing this song to u....

How I wish I can sing the song to you...not sing in front of you but literally sing it to u as I am not a good singer ok.T_____T

I would like to dedicate each and every words in the lyric to u one day when I can totally let u go....for now, this song is in my playlist to give me the courage to move on without u in my life....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had been sick for these past few days and its a horrible feeling!!!I hate it especially I got no voice! Currently I am sitting in the office with a notepad and every time people talk to me or ask me question, i will write down my reply on the note book.T_T

Can I have my voice back pleaseeeee????

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my current life

Besides being in the emotional roller coaster,I had switched to a new boring job.It is so boring until I can die!!!wearing formal attire to work is really not my thing but what can I say,I have too..changing jobs is good for my sore wallet and for my career development(who am I kidding rite?)

This new job gives me a lot of free time.waking up at 730 every morning almost make me blind and the doggy parking lots makes me scared every single time I pick up my car.Not forgetting the formal wear that had done quite a damage to my wallet! I can list down every single thing that I dun like about my new job but to think about it again, complaining won't make the new job fun rite?T_T

The bright side is I reached home before 6 so in other words,I have some free time to go to gym!=_=" *now I do go to gym AGAIN ok* and the office is nearer to my home so I can save the petrol money.*sangaaatttt!*

I want to go for a holidayyyy!!!!pleaseeeeee!!!the longest holiday I had taken for these past 2 years was when the job switching period itu pon 5 days only!argh!plus with the emotional roller coaster am riding in,I need holiday even more!!

-am leading a boring life-

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